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The Centre of @tension  “Six degrees of Integration”.


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Solar Radio – The Ruth Fisher Notes & Tones show = Every Wednesday night 10pm to midnight. & Tones – Music and special interviews show featuring the finest musicians from across the broad spectrum of jazz.

BBC Jazz on 3 =  Ground-breaking weekly Monday night programme with live studio sessions,gigs and Interviews.


Resonance fm   =   Resonance104.4fm is the world’s first radio art station, established by London Musicians’ Collective. It started broadcasting on May 1st 2002. Its brief? To provide a radical alternative to the universal formulae of mainstream broadcasting. Resonance 104.4 fm features programmes made by musicians, artists and critics who represent the diversity of London’s arts scenes, with regular weekly contributions from nearly two hundred musicians, artists, thinkers, critics, activists and instigators; plus numerous unique broadcasts by artists on the weekday “Clear Spot”.

FreeJazzArt2 radio =

Presented by Legendary free jazz musician Alan Silva this e blog covers interesting releases, especially in the areas of free and mainstream jazz as well as contemporary classical and avant garde music. The emphasis will for the most part be on smaller labels. Both established musicians and lesser known…


Orphy Robinson

Pat Thomas

Sacred music,Sacred Spaces

The Art Ensemble of Chicago

Anthony Braxton Composer/Author/Musician

Henry Threadgill = Composer and leader.

George Lewis = Composer/Author and Trombonist

Wadada Leo Smith = Trumpet/Composer

Butch Morris Cornet/Composer + Conductor

Corey Mwamba = Fellow UK Vibist & colleague

Shabaka Huthings = Young Clarinetist.Saxophonist

Steve Coleman Saxophonist/Composer  M-BASE: Steve Coleman

Alex Hawkins  Composer/Pianist I have recorded 2 albums

Steve Lawson = Inspirational Bassist and Tech wiz.

Cleveland Watkiss  Great vocalist and colleague,

Vijay Iyer =

Robert Mitchell  Pioneering Pianist

Byron Wallen =    

Mark Saunders First call Improv Drummer on the UK scene

Evan Parker Saxophonist stalwart and figurehead of UK Improv

Julian Joseph An inspirational pianist/Broadcaster/Composer 

Han Bennink The dutch drummer reigns supreme on the European Free scene

Tony KofiA fantastic saxophone player

Yusef LateefA living legend –

Randy Weston Pianist/composer inspired by the African Diaspora

Sunra Arkestra the pioneers

John Butcher Pioneering Saxophonist

Nigel Kennedy

Gregory Porter

Ntshuks Bonga

Clifford Allen Blog

Otto Fischer


London Improvisors Orchestra

Dominic Lash

Brandon Ross

Harriet Tubman band

Corey Wilkes

Chico Freeman

Gail Brand lyrical Trombonist

Ravi Coltrane –

Roger Turner UK Free Improv Drummer

Rhodri Davies Leading Harp player






The Warriors International =

Sound & Music 

Cuneiform Records

Adam Rudolph’s Meta Records

Bill Dixon Inc


European Free Improvisers Homepage

ESTWeb Index

M-BASE: Steve Coleman

The Jazz Discography by Tom Lord

Emanem Reords

Cognizance online portal for musicians events and articles



Berlin venues 



Online Magazines


Ancient to future/Straight no Chaser = The leaders for all things inside and outside the music, constantly with the finger on the pulse.Led by the legendary Cat in the Hat Paul Bradshaw

Jazz Reloaded –

All about Jazz online magazine =

Cadence magazine

Jazzwise –

Londonjazz.Blogspot  –

The Weekly World alternative views to mainstream news with cultural section and events



The Superlative Xylosynth

Looperlative a loopers paradise

Some interesting instruments for a new beginning

Accurately measure your pitch perception abilities. Neuroscience-Based Music Tests:  http://bit.l/14eITA6

Museum of Soviet synthesizers.

Site with information about more than 18000 different guitar effects Guitar Effects Database:

J.S.Bach Well Tempered Clavier On-Line:
Interactive analyses of Bach fugues with scores synchronized with digital sound and commentary.

Internet Music Theory Database:
Hundreds of supplemental examples in various formats (mp3, pdf, swf) for teaching tonal music theory

WolframTones is based on a core discovery of Stephen Wolfram’s A New Kind of Science: that in the computational universe even extremely simple rules or programs can give behavior of great complexity. Wolfram first found evidence of this surprising fact in his experiments in the early 1980s on systems known as one-dimensional cellular automata (now often called Wolfram automata). WolframTones is based on these very same types of systems.

Fractal Music Composition Software :
ToolsFractMus has a set of tools to help you during the compositional process as well as in the editing part of an already created composition. Please refer to FractMus’ helpfile for an in-depth description of each tool.

Project C-90 Ultimate Cassette Audio Tape Guide:
Philips – the Dutch electronics company, invented and released the first audio compact-cassette in 1962. Previous to this time, the only way of recording voices or music was by reel-to-reel tape recorders. The cassette system came about as a way of increasing portability and not involving manual threading of sensitive and brittle tape. It needed too to be much more portable than vinyl records. Philips used high-quality 4mm polyester tape produced by BASF. Recording and playback was at a speed of 4,75cm/second. The following year, sales began in the US by the Norelco Carry-Corder dictation machine that used the new cassette tape. In the early years consumer demands for blank tape was totally unanticipated by Philips as the format was never really designed for personal home recording.

Avidemux – Open Source Video Editor:
Avidemux is available for Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows under the GNU GPL license. The program was written from scratch by Mean, but code from other people and projects has been used as well. Patches, translations and even bug reports are always welcome.

A music collection visualization interface. It utilizes feature extraction and a self-organized map to map each song in a collection to a square in a grid of cells.

Synchronous Objects – Dance & Choreography Site With Free Software Tools:

60-minute Portrait of Sun Ra and the Arkestra Filmed in 1978 and 1980:

Mixere is a free, open-source application for mixing audio files.

MidiSwing is a little application to create music. It can read and edit midi files                                                                             

Aviary Myna: The best web-based audio editor yet:

Sonant Live is a minimalistic music synth and editor that runs in your browser. It has its roots in the demo scene, and was originally a Windows native tool (Sonant by Jake Taylor, aka Ferris / Youth Uprising) for creating songs for 4K demos (where neither the song data nor the music player code can be larger than a copule of thousand bytes at most).

Audio and sample based editing software

Midi and audio editor software

Interesting photo images site

A collection of Digital instruments.

Loop tracks.

An online musical keyboard with 25 professional sound banks.
Make your own hip hop, techno, trance, reggae, rock, disco or even jazz or samba. And do it live! No tricks: you start the samples and the loops. Learn all about timing, “building” a song and creating a dance track.

Java interface to the Internet Synthesizer!

Composer tool

Mirek’s Java Cellebration (MJCell) is a Java applet that allows playing 300+ Cellular Automata rules and 1400+ patterns.

Blue is a music composition environment for Csound, written in Java, and available for use on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. It allows doing everything one can do in Csound as well as builds on top of it to offer the following features:

BPoeM is a 4 track audio sequencer built in Flash.

The distinction between music and noise is mathematical form.

The Interactive Swarm Orchestra (ISO) project explores the employment of flocking algorithms to control sound synthesis and sound spatialiation.

Freeware VST for Windows…Ring thing is a multi-flavour ring modulator, with frequency and mix level controlled by an XY pad and each axis modulated by it’s own tempo-sync LFO. The modulation in both axes is shown graphically on the XY pad.  

The Tonal Centre is an interactive site for music composers and theorists which explains and demonstrates some of the key concepts of tonality; including chords, scales, cadences, and modulation. Most of the musical examples are illustrated with a midi file – just click on the relevant link to hear it.

Database of all the possible 2048 musical scales in 12 note equal temperament and other alternatives in meantone tunings
You can download the tuning codes to use with Logic Pro, CuBase, Cameleon, Melodyne etc.

Sonantometry, or the algebra of tonal functions, updates and expands possibilities of the functional analysis and synthesis of music.

Studio Factory. Windows but not tested on Win 7

Synth  for VST/Win 32,Win 64,non SSE2, Mac OS X

Chord Functions for Musical Analysis…

Welcome to Temper, a MIDI+Audio sequencer with an emphasis on MIDI. Temper provides a straight-forward user interface that quickly guides you into advanced group operations and unique functionality such as decor and perform time, all tied together with an underlying shape concept for describing data transformation. Easily integrate Temper with your other software via basic drag-and-drop behaviour, more advanced sync functionality, or seamlessly as a VST.                                                                 


Artists and Photographers

Pete Williams World Class photographer