Vision & Mission Statements


To be recognised globally as the leading authority on African Diasporic music in the UK.


The Jazz Warriors International recognises and respects the extensive melodic, harmonic and rhythmical excellence of music arising from the rich panorama of African Heritage. The organisation’s Mission Statement is:  

“The Jazz Warriors International is committed to ensuring the fair and equitable representation of the African Diaspora UK Jazz presence in the areas of: National Heritage, the Arts, Education and Training, Promotion and Performances.”

The Jazz Warriors International are guided by the following values and these values inform the expected outcomes of the organisation:

  • Leadership: Utilising the expertise and experience within its leadership and advisory boards with some of the UK’s highly respected Jazz musicians
  • Challenge: Challenging and holding to account the policy and decision makers who can have a direct influence in supporting the company’s vision and mission.
  • Inspirational: Researching and showcasing the extensive heritage of African Diasporic music in the UK and utilising music as an educational tool to encourage youth to embrace the UK’s rich music history
  • Equality: Integrating equalities good practice within our organisation
  • Consultative: Seeking the views of the African Diasporic music environment
  • Innovative: Introduction of African Diasporic music into areas and situations that would not usually be considered.
  • Quality: Through identifying ways in which we can add value to our services, adopting best practice and setting standards